My experience in Uganda

From the happy smiling faces to the beautiful vibrant colours, I have many great memories of my time spent in Uganda. I spent four weeks there with a small team from the UK during the summer of 2011. During our time, we were involved in kids clubs, the women’s bible study group, community work and supporting the women’s jewellery making business. It truly was a great privilege to spend time getting to know the families living in the village of Kisenyi.

‘Start children off the way they should go,

And even when they are old they will not turn from it’ Proverbs 22:6

Working with the children was such a joy, as we acted out Bible stories, worshipped God, prayed, laughed and had fun together. It was incredible to see their great enthusiasm and eagerness to learn more about God, as they gathered around us to hear His word. It was so refreshing to see them thirsty for more of God’s truths – a great example of how we should lives our lives everyday.

During our time in Uganda, we were also able to spend time with the women behind the beautiful Kisa bead creations. These women are incredible. They work so hard, often for long hours at a time, but they love to sing, laugh and chat as they work, creating a safe, happy environment to work in. It was great to get to know them and to hear their stories, some full of challenges and some full of hope.

There are many differences between Uganda and the UK; between my life and the lives of those in Kisenyi; between the food, dress and lifestyle of the two cultures; but one thing unites us and that is the amazing powerful love of Christ, our saviour who loves each and every one of us unconditionally. In Him, who saved us, we are all one big family, all brothers and sisters. A family is not a family without love and the Bible teaches us to love one another as He has loved us. The things I remember the most from my time in Uganda are the pure joy I saw in the children as they soaked up His word and worshipped Him wholeheartedly; the hope found in places of despair and darkness and the love and generosity people showed to us, even where they had very little. However, it is important not to forget the suffering, sorrows and darkness that still exists. We cannot change the world, but together through God’s grace, we can make a small difference which can have a huge impact.

I will never forget my time in Uganda and my prayer is that the people of Kisenyi will know God and see His light of hope even in the darkest of nights. I will continue to support, pray for and most importantly love my Ugandan brothers and sisters in Christ. I love hearing updates from Kisenyi; about how God continues to work in the lives and homes of the villagers, transforming darkness into joy and I hope to be able to visit again in the future.

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